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General Misconceptions

What drives an individual to desire owning a pet?
The self-perception of being an animal lover?
The influence of the media?
The misconception of the Easter Bunny and other myths?
Only that certain individual knows.

What is known is the fact that there are pets brought to homes of people who never considered the responsibilities, care, time, effort and most importantly, love required. And these unfortunate small animals are the ones often abandoned, abused, unloved and uncared for.

In this section, we focus on true stories which reveal the ugly side of humanity and the general misconceptions of Singaporeans about rabbits.

Despite all these sad truths, we believe that people can change. We believe there is hope. We believe that by spreading the HRSS message, people will begin to stop and consider all factors before deciding to bring home a rabbit friend. You, too, can find out what you can do to help our little friends.

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