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Education & Awareness
School Talks & Fund Raising

Small animals are popular among children. Many are kept as pets, including rabbits. However, the rabbit is an animal not particularly suitable for young children. Rabbits have a delicate bone structure and are very sensitive, fragile creatures. An over-excitable child may bring more stress to a rabbit than we can imagine.

Unfortunately, many children who already keep rabbits as pets, are unaware of the proper care a rabbit requires. Many end up sick, neglected and eventually, abandoned.

HRSS hopes to educate children about love, care and respect for animals. We believe that the current trend of irresponsible people abandoning their pets can be reversed. We believe that the problem we are facing can be rectified with education.

Help us help these poor rabbits!

If you are a school teacher...
Allow us to give your students a talk at your school.

If you are a student...
Consider helping HRSS for your Community Involvement Project (CIP) or Service Learning Project .

Contact our Education Officer for more information.

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