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HRSS In The News

In collaboration with BananaMana.com

New Videos add-on

11. Help Save Rabbits this Chinese New Year NEW

10. Rabbit Sterilisation - Teeny's Tip

9. How to trim your rabbit's nails - Teeny's Tip

8. How to groom your rabbit - Teeny's Tip


27 Dec 2009

HRSS is working with BananaMana.com to work on a series of educational video on rabbit care.

Please subscribe to this channel, and stay tune for the series of videos to be coming soon.

Please create a YouTube account (if they don't already have one), and subscribe to the BananaMana TV Youtube Channel and watch the HRSS videos as much as possible (and other BananaMana TV videos). Most importantly, rate the HRSS videos and comment on them (IE: offer more friendly advice on the rabbit care subjects addressed in the Youtube comments section, etc). This in turn will raise the HRSS videos on Youtube and Google search, giving HRSS even better exposure.

A collection of the educational videos:

1. How to pick up your rabbit

2. How to litter train your rabbit

3. How To Cope When Your Rabbit Has An Abscess (Part 1) - Teeny's Tips

4. How To Cope When Your Rabbit Has An Abscess (Part 2) - Teeny's Tips

5. How To Cope When Your Rabbit Has An Abscess (Part 3) - Teeny's Tips

6. Easter Rabbit - Don't buy rabbit as a present during Easter

7. Rabbit's Diet - Teeny's Tip

Enjoy and Thank you!


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