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Our Tenacious Faith
21 August 2005

On 20th July 2005, HRSS received an email from Tony* requesting for relocation help after taking care of Faith for four years. After further enquiries, we realised she is suffering from sore hocks. We advised him to take her to the vet as soon as possible and update us accordingly. Several weeks later, we had not heard from Tony and decided to call to check if everything was ok, but to our dismay, nothing was done. We took the initiative to retrieve Faith on 21st August and took her immediately to the vet.

Upon our arrival, we discovered Faith crouched-up in a wired bottom cage with a cabbage heart lying nearby. We learnt that her condition has been ongoing for a while. His grandmother mentioned that she cleans her wounds with Dettol!.

We struggled to comprehend how Faith could be neglected for such an extended period. Faith was extremely tame and enjoyed our petting during the journey to the vet.

After the vet assessed Faith, the conclusion was sad. All four paws were inflamed (see pics). There is a lump on her chest due to prolong pressure. The infection has gone to her joints/bones at her hind legs and is most likely in pain. We could see pus oozing from her hind leg. The vet suggested surgery to remove the pus, but it’s extremely complex - under normal circumstances, a rabbit will still have their front paws to support them to move around. But with all four of Faiths paws suffering from inflammation, this reduces her mobility to zero. Even then, it will be an extensive healing process and chances of succumb to it are high. The vet gave us two options; to go ahead with the surgery or euthanasia.

We had dilemma, but in the end, we decided to give her a chance to live and to allow her make the decision whether she wants to continue to live or not. We know that she will be as strong as our tenacious faith. Despite what has happened, we want her to know there is love in this world and she can find it here with us.

If you would like to donate for Faith’s medical/care costs, please write a crossed cheque payable to House Rabbit Society (Singapore) and mail it to HRSS, Toa Payoh Central Post Office, PO Box 108, Singapore 913104. Please also indicate at the back of the cheque “Faith”.

You can view a short video on Faith here.

Sponsor(s): Faith is lovingly sponsored by Ms Elsee Kwan and bunny Mochi.

*Owner’s name has been edited for privacy’s purposes.

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