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Our Gusto Hardy
23rd August 2005

HRSS received an email from *Edward on 23rd August 2005, requesting for our help.

Extracts from his email as follows;

“Recently, I found two abandoned rabbits near the lift of my block. I brought them back home in hope of being able to find a responsible adopter for them. Unfortunately, one of the rabbits was badly injured, possibly accidentally inflicted by my dog. As such, I am afraid that I am not able to take care of the rabbits well and I have no idea how to treat the injured rabbit's wound.

I will be very grateful if you are able to take care of the rabbits instead.”

We gave him a call to learn more about the situation and advised him to take the injured rabbit a vet as soon as he could.

He called our hotline two days later when he was at The Animal Clinic. He said the injury was rather serious as parts of the rabbit’s paw were missing. The vet advised Edward to amputate the foot as infection might have set in. If the infection were to permeate into the bone, there would be more complications and the rabbit’s life would be compromised. However, due to financial constraints, Edward had decided to just allow the vet to clean and disinfect the wound.

We arranged for Edward to bring Hardy to The Veterinary Clinic for a second opinion on 27th August 2005. Hardy also had an infected scrotum which needed to be removed urgently. The vet gave similar advice (i.e. to amputate) after examination so we set the surgery date on 30th August 2005. When we inquired the cause of injury, the vet said it could be due to the narrow gaps of the wired bottom cage (for eg. Chicken cage). Hardy’s foot might have gotten stuck between the wires and when he struggled to pull his paw away, he could have accidentally torn his paws. Also, Hardy and his partner might have been cleaning and chewing the wounded areas in hopes of keeping the infection at bay. The injury could not have been caused by a dog as it did not resemble a dog’s bite.

However, on the day of surgery, the vet-in-charge said it was not necessary to amputate his foot as the injury was a few weeks old and it was healing very nicely. The vet however did remove the infected scrotum.

The most amazing thing was, that even after having to endure all the pain and trauma, Hardy refused to let it get to him and behaves just like any other healthy rabbit – binky-ing, munching on his hay and veges, and just being the all-inquisitive bunny. That’s our gusto Hardy!

Sponsor(s): Hardy is lovingly sponsored by bunny Snowy and Ms Nur Lailina Ridzuan.

*Owner’s name has been edited for privacy’s purposes.

Hardy's Sponsor: Bunny Snowy

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